Hiring: Full Stack Developer

  • Are you looking to study under a marketing conversion expert to maximize your skills in online marketing and web development?
  • Do you speak funnel? Can you develop pages in your sleep?
  • Do you get a kick out of making the 10% tweaks that take a page from “pretty good” to “conversion machine”?
  • Do you love working to tie an entire funnel (landing pages, video pages, email autoresponders) together so that all of the tech works perfectly?

As a Developer for Automate and Convert, you’ll be working for about a dozen conversion-focused businesses as we work to create and optimize their marketing funnels.

What you might be doing today as a A&C Developer:

  • Take a series of PSD files produced by our designer and develop them in WordPress/Divi
    Custom code a quiz/assessment that drops customer scores into a database and concurrently feeds that information to their CRM.
  • A client called because “their website is slow” or “their website is down”. Dig into it. Find out what’s going on and get it fixed ASAP. You gotta bust through any brick walls you run into, cuz we need this fixed now!
  • Client has a launch and they need cookies set up so that people who have already opted in don’t need to opt in again (but new launch visitors see the opt in page). Set it up!
  • A client wants to customize their cart so that post-purchase, a customer can make another purchase and send that purchase to a friend. Their cart doesn’t do that . . . but you can!
  • The Facebook commenting app on a client page just went on the fritz. Dive in, figure out what’s going on, and deliver a solution.
  • One of our clients uses Kajabi (a content management platform) and the can’t figure out how to make comments appear in reverse order. Dig into the code and find a way.
  • We need to integrate Memberium with Infusionsoft to lock and unlock course content according to the tags a record has in the CRM. You’re going to be setting it up and doing the QA to make sure it all works as intended.

What is the work environment like?

We are a completely virtual environment, which means you’ll be working from home. We’re currently in Des Moines, Atlanta, and Nashville and we meet every day by video chat and Slack. And . . . we’re happy to meet up if you happen to be from our hometowns.


About Automate and Convert:

We design and build marketing campaigns and funnels for some of the best entrepreneurs online. We build training programs and the marketing funnels that convert buyers. We also drive Facebook traffic into those funnels.


Interested? Apply below!

(Applications due Friday, March 29th)